Urgent Plea from San Anton - Save Our Galgos Before They Are Stolen!

Urgent Plea From San AntonThis is a report from Saskia Rinia van Nauta of the San Anton Refuge. Galgos are being stolen. Three in the Cadiz area, one in Cordoba. And this is just the beginning. The first burglary has materialised: the galgos Chupeta, Fantastica and Fence have been stolen in the heat of the night. With enormous violence doors have been broken, and thieves have entered into the shelter. The hunters themselves also suffer under the theft of their dogs.

Prevention of theft seems to be impossible. The totally ruthless perpetrators act by incredible force, this is a most dangerous situation. We keep our fingers crossed for the fate of our galgos Azafran, Capea, Duardo, Esprit, Frenazo, Gofa, Juanjo, Letitia, Limoneta, Loli, Malva, Medusa, Patito and Ruffian. They all have an adoptive family who is eagerly waiting for them, but ways of their transportation have still to be realised.
The installation of a camera circuit might be the only precautionary measure possible. Installation by local technicians is preferred: installation, maintenance and repairs all done by one local business. Internet shows us that the guarding of the dogs in this way may well cost us Euro 2.000! Who can come up with an original idea to collect this amount of money, f.i. in a special event.

This matter is MOST URGENT as September is a month in which lots and lots of dogs are stolen, consequently the dogs in San Anton have to fear for their lives. In 2007 the hunters started to discard the Spanish greyhounds / galgos in November. We had a waiting list of people interested in adopting a galgo.

Now a precarious situation has arisen as we welcomed nine galgos, most of them 8 or more years old in the past few weeks. We'll soon present them to you on the internet. For these older dogs it is an effort to bear the ever changing temperatures of this climate combined with the high humidity in the shelter. It causes the infamous San Anton cough. A solution for this problem has yet to be found. Detlef is concentrating on this, but maybe someone else can also come up with an idea.

During the working visit of Detlef and Roswhita in September all dog beds will be given a foam covering. Highest priority is to create and/or improve living quarters so that they are beneficial for the dogs - they should live in a healthy environment.

A matter of great concern for San Anton is the fact that ProAnimale had to close down its shelter for foreign dogs in the Schwarzwald region (Southern Germany) under a judicial order. The same fate may await Tierherberge Donzdorf and as a precautionary measure they have canceled their transport of last July. It isn't hard to guess what this means for the dogs concerned. Their future is most uncertain.

Consequently the Foundation San Anton is faced with a considerable rise in costs - whereas fundraising is difficult due to the economical recession. From the Villamartin Town Hall no help or empathy can be expected for the dogs.

Since the establishment of the Foundation San Anton within the pereira Recogida de Animales Vagabundos in Villamartin a big change in favour of the dogs' welfare has been realised thanks to your support.

A change in their attitude towards dogs of the Spanish people is materializing only very slowly. To maintain the accomplishments in San Anton and to further develop these we are totally dependent on your support in every way. Without your support San Anton and its inhabitants face an uncertain future.