G.R.I.N. Assists with Medical Costs for Lady Carla, Galga Left for Dead After Being Hit By A Car in Madrid

Lady Carla recoverying after hit and run.

Thanks to our supporters, GRIN has sent our EAF Fund (Emergency Assistance Fund) for the veterinary expenses for Lady Carla.

This is Lady Carla, and this is the start of her story, as told by Sandra Baas of Baas Galgo.

'A little over two weeks ago Baas Galgo received calls saying that some kind people had rescued a Galga who had been hit by cars on the M40 in Madrid.  They had seen that the greyhound was badly injured, stretched out on the hard shoulder and that no-one else had stopped to help her so they stopped their vehicle in the middle of the motorway so as to protect the dog from further injury.  Thanks to Idoia, the Galga was very gently put into her car and immediately transported to the veterinary clinic of our dear friend and Honorary President of Baas Galgo, Carlos Rodriguez where she was treated straightaway.'

Read the rest of her story here, and donate if you can to pay the veterinary fees, over 1,000 euros already, towards her care.  Donations made to G.R.I.N can be sent to Lady Carla or you can donate at Bass Galgo.

Thanks to GalgoNews.com for bringing this story to our attention.

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