Mary the Podenquita Recipient of Loly�s Fund for September 2010

Mary the Podenquita Recipient of Loly's Fund for September 2010112 Carlota Galgos has received a donation from GRIN's Loly's fund to help in the vetting and boarding of this baby Podenco named Mary and another needy galga named Dana as well.

These pictures were taken of Mary when she was found wandering in front of a petrol station where Char was filling up.  She was filled with thorns and ticks and scared to death.  Char caught her with some tasty mortadella meat and rescued her from the bleak future if she had been left there.

She is now in need of vetting and ongoing boarding until a home is found.  If anyone is interested in Mary, she is in Malaga and you can reach us if you want more information on baby Mary or contact

Thank You
GRIN Board of Directors