Galgo Rescue International Network is Dedicated to the Welfare of Spanish Galgos and Sighthounds Worldwide.



Year end coat drive!

Like their American counterparts, Spanish Galgos don't tolerate cold particularly well, but most of them spend winters outside — shelters in Spain lack both the facilities and the space to house all of the dogs in their care indoors. To make those hounds more comfortable, GRIN is working with Colorado Greyhound Adoption and Tommy Coats to help provide them with fleece coats to wear for the winter.

Only one day remains in Scooby's 2014 Auction!

Scooby North America's 2014 auction ends Saturday, December 6 at 11pm EST.

Emily and Quincy: Life Is Precious

Emily Driscoll (22) and her retired racer Quincy (6) were hit and killed by a car on Sunday night near Chicago.

GRIN recently gathered 75 pounds of much needed collars, leashes, and coats for the shelters in Spain. Coordinating with Colorado Greyhound Adoption collection efforts, the supplies were handed off to a group of volunteers headed to Spain. Thanks to everyone who donated these wonderful items.  Mica escorted the supplies for his Spanish cousins to the drop off point. 

GRIN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization run entirely by volunteers. Your donations are fully tax deductible. Thank you for your support; together we will make a difference.

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