PRISA: From the Depths of a Well to a "Mile High"

On January 6, 2005 Prisa, along with four other galgos, was rescued from a 60 foot well in the Spanish countryside by the local firefighters and Scooby Medina refuge.

Our auction at 2Hounds is live.

Our auction at 2Hounds is live.

Spoiler Alert: A few items that will be featured in our auction.

Here are just a few items we will have on our auction hosted by 2Hounds starting July 31.  

Now accepting donations for an upcoming auction.

GRIN is having an auction hosted by 2HoundsDesign in August, and we couldn't be more excited. We're accepting donation of goods or services through early July.

Love Never Fails

The story of Lucas, Miracle and Cheyenne
The three dogs shown in the video were special cases of rescue by Charl and Dioni del Rio and the volunteers of in Malaga, Spain. If you visit their site, you will find many such cases as the ones that follow. But you will also find new beginnings proving that Love Never Fails.

Beth Wade has designed a Galgo pendant and charm to honor the Galgo!

Support Galgo rescue!

Beth Wade has designed a Galgo pendant and charm to honor the Galgo!

World Galgo Day | Día del Galgo

February 1st is World Galgo Day — it marks the end of the hunting season.

Please help us spread the word by visiting the Día del Galgo website, sharing across your social networks, and consider purchasing a t-shirt to help the cause (proceeds will go to several different organizations).