The Galgo Rescue International Network welcomes individuals who want to volunteer their time to helping the galgos.  If you think you would like to be a part of GRIN's mission, please contact

Some of the tasks we need help with include:

  • Contact the Spanish embassy to demand legislation and action protecting the galgo from inhumane treatment and abuse
  • Acquiring donations of dog-related items (collars, coats, beds, art, pictures, knick-knacks) from artisans for auctions
  • Acquiring gently used dog collars, leashes and coats to send to the Spanish shelters
  • Travellers going to Spain — are you willing to haul supplies to the shelters for GRIN?
  • Coatmakers! If you sew, we have a job for you! Contact
  • Veterinary professionals — volunteer your time to a Spanish shelter and make a difference!
  • Grant writing — we are looking into applying for a number of grants to further our mission
  • SPREAD THE WORD! Information is power!
  • And many, many more opportunities exist!

Thank you for supporting GRIN and the Spanish galgos!