Adopting a Galgo

As an organization, we look forward to working with you and introducing you to the wonderful breed we have come to know and love. GRIN serves as an adoption agency for individuals in the US interested in adopting galgos or podencos from Spanish shelters.

We highly encourage you to read information about the galgos and podencos prior to adoption.

Interested parties should apply as soon as they can as we are limited in the number of dogs we are able to bring to the US. We typically determine who our adopters will be and then pick the dogs to be transported. After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by our adoption board.  If your application is accepted a deposit is required to ensure a spot in the next transport.  We reserve the right to change the adoption fee as transportation costs are highly variable (you will be informed of any changes at the time of your application approval — we will not make last minute changes).

Adoption Costs and Information

GRIN is a volunteer organization and depends on volunteers to bring dogs from Spain. We work with several selected associations in Spain that have proven themselves with our transport needs.  Selection of dogs will be through these associations working with GRIN to match the right dog for you.

We are only able to transport dogs from mid-September to mid-May in compliance with airline regulations regarding heat. Additionally, there are East Coast cities with temperature restrictions in the winter months.

GRIN makes no profit on these transports: All of the fees collected are used directly for transporting and adoption. The cost to bring a dog in 2014 is approximately $775—1,135. Price does not include air ticket cost for volunteer flight patron.

  • Adoption Fee to Spanish Shelter: $250
  •  — includes Spay/Neuter, Vaccinations, Bloodwork, Microchip, Passport and Health Certificate
  • Crate: $200
  • Transport: $150–$300 to Madrid Airport from different parts of Spain (price variation due to number of dogs sharing transport)
  • Airline Ticket for Dog: $175–$400 depending on airlines

The adopter will be responsible for any transportation from the airport where the dogs arrive in the USA; GRIN makes every attempt to match an proximal arrival location with the location of adopters.

The transportation planning process may take months to a year depending upon availability of escort volunteers. An option is for the adopter to travel to Madrid to pick up his or her own dog, and GRIN will help facilitate that. Potential adopters who elect to do that can also help GRIN by bringing back a second dog! Another option is for the adopter to pay for a volunteer’s roundtrip airfare between Madrid and a location in the United States. Sometimes it is possible to find two adopters to split the cost of the volunteer's airfare.

The reservation of the dog will be confirmed when we receive the adoption fee of $250 to hold the dog. The adoption fee of is paid to the Spanish shelter, and it is not refundable, regardless of any change in the adopter’s circumstances. The remaining balance will be due at least one month before transport. If for some reason the transport has to be cancelled due to situations out of GRIN’s control, the adopter will be refunded any fees paid up to that point. Once the transport has been initiated from the States, no fees can be refunded.

GRIN cannot hold a dog indefinitely as it would not be fair for that dog to lose his or her chance if the adoption was cancelled. However, we can possibly work out a “hold” for a future transport if an adopter is willing to pay the monthly boarding fee to the Spanish association. Fees are approximately $80 per month.

We hope this has given you an idea of the commitment involved in adopting a dog from Spain.

It takes a lot of hard work and coordination on both sides of the Atlantic. If you are serious about moving forward, please complete and send us the application which will be sent to you upon request. If you would like for us to file your application for future transports we can do that as well and let us know when you might be ready to proceed.

Planning begins months in advance of the transport, and GRIN is happy to keep applications on file for future transports.