Do You Need Anything? You Can Help!

That's not a typo — if there's anything you (or your hound) might need, you can help support GRIN.

If you're shopping for anything specific, and you were thinking about making the purchase on, please visit instead: It's Amazon's way of making donations to a charity that you select. At, you can select GRIN as the 501(c)(3) you want to support, and when you checkout, a portion of your purchase will automatically be donated without affecting the price of your items or altering your Amazon experience.

You can check out more information on the program here.


If you're not sure what you want, but you're looking for something incredible and unique for your hounds or the hounds of a friend, you might fall in love with BarkBox

BarkBox is a fantastic service that sends a box of curated, high-quality toys, treats, and other dog-specific products straight to your door each month. They're committed to making sure that everything you receive is both awesome and size-appropriate for your dog, and they're also committed to supporting dog rescues — if you use this link or enter the code GALRBBX1 when you order, GRIN will receive 10% of the cost of your order.


Thank you for your support!

Thank you!

Thank you!

You have come through for the galgos in multiple ways! We raised $6,854 in the recent GRIN auction hosted by 2 Hounds Designs!

Those funds will allow us to support the shelters in Spain with grants to cover veterinary and other expenses as well as provide supplies! These funds will also be used to ship coats, collars, and leashes to the shelters.

The donation bin at Dewey hosted by Beth Wade Designs yielded 110 leashes, 205 collars, 56 coats and 10 harnesses!

Thank you again for your amazing support for these recent activities — it is all about the dogs!

Happy holidays from GRIN!

Happy Holidays from GRIN!

Season's greetings from Galgo Rescue International Network! May your holidays be filled with family, friends, food, and fun — also, probably fur.

With the holidays upon us, now is the perfect opportunity for us to thank you for making a contribution to or otherwise supporting GRIN. 2011 has been a truly outstanding year for us, and your generousity  and support helped make it possible. That's something for which we can all be thankful!

We all hope you take pride in the things we've been able to accomplish together — your support, and the support of fellow galgo and sighthound lovers, is what enables us to help so many in need.

In an incredible, unprecedented gesture, a donor who wishes to remain anonymous is matching all donations up to a total of $5,000! Meaning that right now, any contribution you make will go twice as far — will buy twice as much food, provide twice the medical supplies, build two times the shelters. Donations can be made via the PayPal button or the Network for Good button on our homepage.

Thank you, for all that you do for us and all you do for the hounds!

Wishing you the best and brightest and the warmest regards, Galgo Rescue International Network