Six Galgo Sweethearts Arrive in the US

Galgo Rescue International Network greet six galgos

On February 17, 2007, members of the Galgo Rescue International Network gathered at Denver International Airport to greet six galgos. Jenny Collenette, a Scooby volunteer, arrived with the dogs after a 17 hour journey across the Atlantic ocean.

Thanks to our friends at Delta Airlines Madrid, the dogs and Jenny had flown without incident from Madrid to Atlanta. In Atlanta, the US customs officials were a bit confounded as to why anyone would be bringing six dogs all the way from Spain so Jenny had to explain the concept of �rescue" to them. In the end, all of the pups (and Jenny!) were allowed to pass through customs and continue to Denver. Other than some pretty rough turbulence, the remainder of the journey was uneventful and they arrived safe and sound (though exhausted) in Denver, Colorado.

The lucky dogs starting a new life in the US are Senora, adopted by a family in Loveland, CO; Sweetie, adopted by a family in Berthoud, CO; Ramon (Amistad's littermate), adopted by a family in Denver, CO; Elly, adopted by a family in Washington; Daisy Face, adopted by a Denver, CO family; and Marco, who was placed with a family in Texas.