Cepo the Podenco

Cepo the Pondenco - Galgo Rescue International Network (GRIN)

The Galgo Rescue International Network is coming to the aid of Cepo, a little podenco who lost his front leg after being snared in a snap trap in Spain. Cepo was rescued through a combined effort between Pro-Galgo Spain and Association Evolucion in Madrid. Cepo was found in a trap, his front leg mangled and unsalvageable. Veterinarians were unable to save Cepo's leg so it was amputated. He is recovering well and awaiting transport to his new forever home in Germany, but the bills for his care are significant.

G.R.I.N. is sending a $300 Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) grant to help Association Evolucion and Pro-Galgo pay for Cepo's care. If you would like to contribute to this grant, please click the Chip In link which will redirect you to Pay Pal where you can make a donation. Please list "Cepo" in the comment section.

From Pro-Galgo Spain, Mo Swatek:

CEPO, a little podenco mix was found cought in an illegal trap. The neighbours new who had set the trap there but first nobody wanted to name this man. Then after the dog has been taken to a vet , some people contacted with the police and named the man, several rescue groups and shelters have already sent their "denuncia", (report) to the SEPRONA (section of the spanich police to protect the environmen), CEPO is been spoil in a fosterhome in madrid, near the clinic he had been taken to and is recovering slowly but steadily from his horror. PRO-GALGO has a long term foster family as well as several home offers in germany for CEPO but he is not ready yet for a trip through Europe but we are all convinced that he will make it and become a happy doggy.