Isleta (aka Marta)

IsletaIsleta is indeed a "little island".  She is a tiny, shy, black and white, galga who arrived from Spain in April 2007.  When she first arrived, she was so shy that she would eat only one bite of food, then retreat to be sure all was ok, then return to her bowl for the next bite.  After only a few months, Izzy has made remarkable progress.  She is often the first one to finish her food and her eyes no longer show fear or worry.   Izzy loves to snuggle with her humans and is often found sharing a dog bed or couch with a galgo or greyhound sibling.  However, when strangers, particularly men, are in the house, she heads to her safe place.  Izzy has the loudest bark for the smallest dog and uses it to let everyone know whenever the UPS man pulls up to the driveway.  Izzy absolutely hates the cold.  A viewpoint shared by her greyhound sister, Moxie.