Prisa (aka Laura aka Scamp)

Prisa (aka Laura aka Scamp)Prisa, known as Laura in her Scooby days, is a very special girl with an incredible story.  In January 2005, Scooby received an emergency call - barking could be heard coming from a deep well! Scooby enlisted the help of the local fire/rescue team and extracted five dogs from the bottom of the well where they had been dumped and left to die by their former owner.  Scooby pursued the case in court and in the end, the former owners were punished - a landmark case for Scooby and Spain, and a huge step for Prisa - she was now free to go to a home!

Board member Judy Greenfield had followed the case of the well dogs closely.  The very morning the five were saved from the well, Judy had to let one of her beloved hounds go to the Rainbow Bridge.  She felt an incredible bond with ALL the well dogs, but particularly Prisa.  When Fermin Perez of Scooby announced that she would be coming to the US, there was no doubt in our minds where her forever home would be!