URGENT: Lost Galga in Philadelphia

URGENT - Lost Galga in Philadelphia

UPDATE: Valentina was captured in a trap Sunday June 24 and is safe and sound at the NGAP kennel!

There is a little galga who got loose from a kennel in the Northeast Philadelphia area. If you happen to spot her, please do not go after her, as she will run. Please give a call to the kennel at 215-380-9037. Please also call that number if you would like to help with the search.

Her name is Valentina, she is new to the US, has one leg which is healing from a break, and is very shy around people, dogs, and noise. She is very tiny...maybe 30 - 35 lbs at present.

Local media, the police, park rangers, and the ASPCA have been notified of her plight, and flyers are being handed out and posted. If you are in the Philadelphia area, we are asking that you keep your eyes out for her. She was last spotted in a heavily wooded area of Pennypack Park around Holme Avenue.

Thank you - Michael Gow

New Information for Searchers - June 19, 2007

  • Valentia is more likely to go to a woman rather than a man (except for young blond men).
  • Speak to her in Spanish. She listens and responds to 'ven' which means 'come', and 'toma' which means 'here have this' and to her name.
  • She doesn't care much for cheese or bread but is wild about ham and also likes to eat cake.
  • If anyone can put an old sofa out in the yard where she'd been seen several times, Valentina loves couches.