A Mom and Her Two Boys

By Telma Shaw, G.R.I.N. Board of Directors

A Mom and her two boys - Galgo Rescue International Network

Three Galgos, Ramona and her two sons, Amistad and Ramone, were left locked in a warehouse with no food or water, left to die a slow death together. Rescuers at Scooby Medina Shelter in Medina del Campo Spain somehow heard about them and took action just in time. It was reported that Amistad was so weak he could not walk for the first three days at Scooby.

Before their rescue, Ramona had been living near a gypsy camp. They kept her there by barely feeding her. Every year her litter was taken from her. This year the rescuers did not find her most recent litter but her pups from the previous litter, Amistad and Ramone were miraculously still with her.

Ramona had a fractured leg that had been left to heal by itself and was covered with ticks. The boys had a close bond with her. At Scooby Amistad showed signs of frightened submission, rolling over and urinating himself when anyone approached. But the good volunteers at Scooby took time to slowly show him affection and his confidence began to change. Amistad was the last one chosen to come to the U.S. because he was the one who would hide in the back of the paddock with what was described by a volunteer as the 'saddest eyes" she said she had ever seen. It was his break for a new life!

Amistad was brought to the U.S. and is now living the good life in California, where he is now an outgoing and lovable Galgo to all. The story continues as Amistad's new adoptive mom in the U.S. thought constantly about his brother Ramone still at Scooby. Emails went back and forth and it was decided to bring him with the next group GRIN was planning to rescue. Five months later Ramone landed in Denver. He was to stay with his brother in California until a good home was found but only one day after landing in Denver on his way to California a wonderful lady heard about his story from a friend and she contacted GRIN because she had been waiting for one year for the right dog, and she had found him. It was love at first sight for her also. Both dogs are the most loving, sweet and wonderful companions imaginable. Now, Ramona, also has a good life as she is under the protection of Scooby and has the �privileged" position of courtyard mama at the shelter.

One final twist to the story is that Amistad's human mom had "virtually adopted" Ramona through Scooby's Virtual Adoption program months before she actually adopted Amistad without even knowing she was taking care of his mom as well! These three wonderful dogs have made a huge impact on all who know them, thanks to volunteers at Scooby who cared, and GRIN (Galgo Rescue International Network) for making it all happen.

A reunion is planned in the future for the two brothers whose fate brought them so far and so loved. Stay tuned.