Galgo Hell - Paterna de Rivera (Cadiz)

Galgo Hell - Paterna de Rivera

This past July 20th, 2007, three volunteers from Kimba went to the town of Paterna de Rivera to look for reasons as to the huge abandonment of galgos, podencos, and in general, dogs used for hunting, that exists every year in this town. The town is a living hell for these poor animals, as you can see in the pictures and videos that Kimba took on these couple of days that we visited this very modern and "European" town.

The volunteers went with intentions of rescuing some of the animals, finding them families, giving them a dignified life, and in this manner directly contributing to the safety of the animals who live so poorly in the streets and in the fields of Paterna de Rivera.

The first thing to be witnessed was how some totally insensitive dimwit, with so little regard for the lives of animals, had thrown two little dogs into a river of fecal water, in a malicious way with the intention of killing them. One of them had the good luck of landing on some branches, and was able to get out of the river. But the other little dog, who we named "MANDY" remained completely paralyzed, as you can see in the picture and in the video of the rescue.

Videos of MANDY'S rescue




After rescuing the little dog, they conducted a search to see if there were other dogs that had been thrown into the river by that imbecile.

They found two galgos and a podenco in a man-made shack on the side of a mountain, and all of them in terribly lamentable conditions, without food or water, living among excrements, tied with chains to the ceiling, and all of them infested with fleas and ticks. And across from them was a family, in swim suits, skinning a calf who was hanging by its neck from a tree, and all of this with small children present.

We are certain that other people in that town have witnessed, just as we did, the situation with the animals, who are surrounded by excrements and lament, as you can see in the pictures and the videos that are sending to you.


That same day we saw many abandoned galgos in and around the town, among them a beautiful pregnant little galgo, on the verge of giving birth to her puppies (you can see her in the picutures that we're sending).

As bad luck would have it, we were unable to catch her that day. Bad luck because when we returned two days later, we found that poor galgo as you can see, on one of the streets in town, where cars cannot travel at a very high speed. The poor dog had difficulty moving due to her pregnancy, and so the dimwit who ran over her, did it in broad daylight, and when we arrived, it had just happened. Truly a crime, that an animal had only lived only to serve a galguero, and once used, she was discarded as if she were an inanimate object.

A true disgrace of a town, one that on other occasions we have seen galgueros on motor scooters with a few galgos tied to the cycle and running alongside on the sidewalks or in the streets. We even saw once a galguero on a motor scooter with four galgos tied to it and running along side on the highway. They were passed by a police car, and the police did absolutely nothing.

The only beauty and happiness that we took from Paterna de Rivera are the long-suffering galgos and podenco from that hiding place, along with the little dogs who had been thrown into the river. Thanks to the great help from the Seprona (division of the Guardia Civil for the conservancy of nature), we were
able to remove them all from that disgusting location where those despicable galgueros had them locked up.

...And so now they are all happy at Kimba. They have had their anti parasite treatment, they've had food and water to their hearts' content, and all of the necessary requirements have been fulfilled for their adoptions.

If you should consider to protest to the authorities of this town for the denigrating acts that have been commited against these animals, you may do so at the following addresses and telephones:

Buzon de sugerencia de Paterna de Rivera:

Pza. Constitucion 1
Tlf.:0034 956-416010

Policia Municipal:
Tlf.: 0034 956 416162

This story reprinted with permission by Refugio KIMBA

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