AlitaWe adopted our little Galgo girl in October 2007. We don't have any background history on her before she came to Scooby. She has been a wonderful addition to our "fur" family. We have been involved with Greyhound adoption for many years and now have 3 Greyt's plus 1 Galgo. Alita joined Tiffany, Kayla and Lexis. They all have such fun chasing the visiting squirrels that come to our bird feeder everyday - quite the challenge!

She has really enjoyed playing with the dog toy stuffies. (the more they squeak the better)  She has really  turned into our little lap girl.  She has the sweetest disposition and we are very enchanted with her to say the least. The other Greyt's are busy learning Spanish and they are in turn teaching Alita English.

Sharee & Neil Corbin