BolaBola is doing great.  She's gained a little weight � not by any means fat � just not quite as bony.   She went in to a major shed about 2 � weeks ago so I bought some nutritional supplement for skin and coat and that has really helped that.  She comes to work with me about 2 � 3 days a week depending on Hannah's school and work schedule.  If Hannah has to work after school or has a full day then I take Bola to work with me because it would be too long a day in the crate.

At work she stays in the office with me, or if I have a meeting out of the office, she goes to the car in an underground heated garage until I get back. Otherwise she barks at other dogs walking by my window and causes a ruckus.   We get 2 � 3 short walks in during those days (plus a longer one when we get home).  At least a couple of times a week she gets to a local fenced park where other dogs go who love to run but aren�t reliable on a recall.  We have now made several friends there and Bola absolutely loves it.  She glories in being the fastest kid on the block and the other owners love the fact that she exercises their dogs for them!

She is doing really well on basic obedience in the house and in our back yard.  But I have to say that off leash at the fenced park or off leash in the fenced tennis court, something happens to her ears because she apparently doesn�t hear a word I say.  But we keep working at it � I am trying to be firmer about making her work for everything � meals, treats, going for walks, visiting on my bed, etc.  In other words, recognizing me as Pack Leader and She Who Must be Obeyed (as well as �She Who Adores Me and Spoils Me Rotten�).