Gus aka Muscongus

Muscongus aka GusMuscongus aka Gus is a brindle galgo boy who arrived from Spain in September 2007, and lives in Golden CO with GRIN board members Christie & Kim and his 3 galgo and greyhound sisters.  Gus instantly adapted to life as a pampered pet.  He is very loving and sweet and acts as the caretaker of the group, checking to make sure everyone is safely in the house before he takes a nap.  Gus is very expressive with his big Galgo ears and has quite a large overbite, which gives him character but makes eating take longer than the rest of the gang.  Gus vocalizes quite often and does a perfect impression of Chewbacca, the Wookie from Star Wars.  He loves to play in the snow, chase his frisbee, and race around the yard with his sisters.