Toro aka Marco

ToroOur Toro ...

Abby at GRIN told me that this was an odd way to adopt ... and it was.  Fortunately, it has been just as rewarding as it was strange!

My background is in greyhound rescue & that is the way i became aware of the plight of the spanish greyhound or galgo.  I have tried for a few years to get in contact with a group that does this kind of work & was pleasantly surprised to find GRIN.

As i looked at all of the dogs who needed help, I became very interested in the ibizans that were listed on the GRIN website.  In no time at all, Abby had located a small family in need of help.  The puppies were only 5 weeks old, but she thought they were what i was looking for.  She could not have been more in tune with what i was thinking!  They were not actually the Ibizans that I had seen, but they were a group of podencos that desperately needed to get out of a bad situation.

I was torn.  It is very unsettling to decide to adopt a puppy that you have only seen one good photo of, at 5 weeks of age & then to make a decision very quickly!  We would never get to touch him or meet him until he actually arrived at our home.  After talking it over with my husband, we decided to move forward.  We knew that the little family needed help & we had a great home to give.

We waited impatiently most days for news & his arrival.  After we had made the decision, it was almost heartbreaking some days to now know how he was & what his day was like.  Abby was very patient with my emails for information ... she did not always know anything new, but she understood how anxious we were.

About six weeks later, our little boy arrived in Denver & another photo was sent to my cell phone!  He was almost here! Adopters of two of the other arrivals transported our new family member across country on the way back to their home.  He was finally home!  He was everything i had dreamed he would be!  Great big ears & all!

Our toro has been here for about 3 months now.  We adore him!  He is an aloof little guy, so he shows us that he loves us a little differently than a lot of puppies.  He has been through a lot even at his young age.  We are making progress & it is very apparent that he was not accustomed to being treated as a pet where he came from.  He is now very excited to see me whenever i come home & he loves to snuggle up to me when he is sleepy.

I could not be happier with our decision & with the help that GRIN has given us.  I am grateful for the opportunity to give this very deserving boy a forever home.  I wouldn't change a thing.

- Jennifer Schwartz