February Rescue Mission

By virtue of the amazing efforts of individuals from a number of different organizations, four dogs arrived in Atlanta, GA on Sunday, February 17. G.R.I.N. Board members Stacey and Chris Plaskett welcomed Inocente, Carlitos, Nina and Noa to the United States. Dr. Crystal Loh returned after a week of volunteer work at Scooby, and she managed to bring the fortunate four back with her. Coordinating the travel of four dogs from four different shelters was certainly no small feat, but with the help of some incredible people in Spain, the wildest dreams of four splendid hounds were realized.

Elite Greyhounds� Sonia Stratemann was an immense help in finding homes for the two boys. When she heard Innocente's story, she immediately dedicated herself to finding him a forever home, and after making his story known, a rally of support came forward. The shy and cunning Galgo, Carlitos, was originally going to be a foster dog, lucky enough to stay with Sonia for a while, but even before they met, he managed to steal her heart. After meeting him, it was a sealed deal, and Carlitos will have a very happy home with Sonia, her family, and her pack! G.R.I.N. would like to send a huge thank you to the
people who volunteered their time, their vehicles, and their hearts to get these boys from Atlanta to Southern Florida!

Nina had the good fortune of attracting the interest of Patty Winters, the Screening and Placement Coordinator for SEGC/SEGA, and the stunningly gorgeous light brindle girl will have a fantastic home with her! Nina popped out of her box like she knew she had already found the good life, and her fantastic foster mom, Dea Palmer, whisked her out of the chaotic airport and back to her temporary home. Thanks so much to the Palmers and their two hounds for making Nina feel all
sorts of welcome here in the US, and thank you to Patty for providing such a great forever home!

Finally, little Noa, the Galga puppy who was run over by a car on December 22nd when she was just three months old: She finally made it home. After seeing photographs of the little girl on the morning of Christmas Eve, Stacey and Chris Plaskett were firm in their resolve that � if the little girl survived � she would come to live with them. Fortunately for everyone involved, she did, and she did. An immense thank you to Cristina from Amigos de Milord and Elena Mar�a for taking such fantastic care of Noa before she flew to America!

So many different groups and different people went well beyond all expectations to bring these dogs to the States. Thanks so much to all of the following:

Scooby Animal Refuge, Fermin Perez, Maria Jose, Coby, and the entire Scooby Staff

Refugio Kimba, Maria Jose, the entire Kimba staff, and Michael Rodrigue

Amigos De Milord and Cristina Pascual

Refugio Caceres, Isabel, and the entire Caceres staff

Elena, our dear friend and defender of animals in Madrid, who fosters and transports animals for us

Delta Madrid and Alba Ramon, Tiziana Ridriguez, and Marisa Panelever

Anna Clements and SOS Galgos

Sandra and Michael Baas

El Refugio Pedro Munoz

Refugio Escuela

Crystal Loh, DVM and Laura Christian, DVM - the veterinary team

Jen Schwartz - volunteer

Sonia Strateman and Elite Greyhounds

SEGC/SEGA, Dea our lovely foster gal, and Patty Winters

And last but not least, Chris and Stacey Plaskett!

If we have forgotten anyone who played a part in this marvelous adventure, please let us know!