AnubisAnubis Comes to Her New Home in Ohio

Once there was a little Ibizan Hound on the Isle of Ibiza who was the only pup of her litter not to be purchased by a hunter.  The only reason she did not meet the same fate was because she had a necrotic bone and needed surgery on her back left hip.  Once we heard her story and saw her sweet smile, we knew we wanted to make sure she never would face that possibility!  So the long process of waiting for Anubis to recover from her surgery and get all of the arrangements set in stone for her to come to the US began. (Anubis is pictured here with a family friend)

On October 22 Anubis arrived at the Atlanta, Ga airport.  After her long flight in from Spain, being lost in the back baggage compartment for 4 more hours, we were finally able to meet.  She met me with a HUGE smile, lots of kisses and happy tail wags.  After a night at my daughter and son-in-law's house in South Carolina, we were off to our 6 � hour drive to Ohio.  Anubis seemed to be very bored with the drive and slept the entire way!

Once home, Anubis was greeted by her new sisters, Jewel ( a 2 � year old rescued Doberman Pinscher) and Brittany (a 12 � year old blue merle Collie) as well as a new brother, Brody ( 1 � year old Rhodesian Ridgeback). Everyone seemed thrilled to have a new addition to their pack.  Anubis and Jewel have their sibling rivalry moments, but Brody and Anubis are great buds.  All of the 4 legged family members keep us 2 legged family members laughing at their antics :)  One time, we discovered her standing on the island in the kitchen, even despite her weak leg!!! - and she has definitely mastered the technique of looking innocent whenever she gets in trouble.  Her favorite response/expression is, "Gee, Mom, I didn't know! - I'm the new kid, remember?"

It's February, 4 months later, and I everyone has settled in.  Anubis is charming, sweet and sassy, full of the dickens, always wears a huge smile, and is extremely smart.  She may even be the smartest dog we have ever had!!!!!  She loves being outside and playing in the snow, eating ice cubes, playing with toys, and wrestling with Brody.  We are very thankful she found her way to us as she is so sweet, loving and comical.  It is never a dull moment!!!

Thank you GRIN!

Debbie Kesling

Waynesville, Ohio