Construction at Refugio Kimba

Construction at Kimba- G.R.I.N.We have begun the construction of a new isolated quarantine station at Kimba so that the new dogs who come in, as well those who are ill, do not have contact with the rest of the healthy dogs in our shelter.

The old quarantine station will now be used as normal housing, since it is not isolated, and therefore we will be able to house more dogs in there, and thus increase the number of unfortunate, hopelss, abandoned animals. In doing so we will also lessen the work load for the veterinarians and the disgusting crematoriums at the filthy and repugnant dog pounds.

Afterwards, we want to begin the construction of a drainage piping system through all of the large kennel areas. We are obligated to do so due to annual inspections, which should really be focused more on the dog pounds rather than on the humble protection societies. We survive on donations that we receive from people abroad, as well as from the monthly dues from our members. The subsidies and help from city hall do not reach us, but they do reach all of the contracted dog pounds, and they are stained with blood when they do.

These drainage pipes are 80 meters in length, and an estimate of 7200 euros in cost. In addition, we will need to add the cost of an officially approved septic tank.

With all of this construction we will be able to increase Kimba's nucleo zool�gico (which is the legal number of animals that we are permitted to have by law). At present it is much lower than our actual population, and therefore we could have problems with the administration if we did not take on this big project. The construction company is going to let us pay a little at a time, but we hope that through the help we receive this will not be an unending debt.
A million thanks to all of our friends. We're sending photos of the beginning stages of this big project, and we will keep you all informed periodically.