URGENT! Please Help GRIN Help the Galgos!

URGENT!! Please Help GRIN Help the Galgos!The Galgo Rescue International Network is facing a financial crisis and we need the help of our donors and supporters now more than ever. Due to the airline fuel crisis and the resulting increase in the cost of checking dogs and excess luggage, GRIN's ability to carry out our missions is in grave danger. GRIN sends volunteers to Spain multiple times each year to volunteer at Scooby and deliver veterinary medical supplies, educational literature, banners to be used for protests, practical supplies, coats and a variety of other items to more than 10 shelters and organizations. These donations are packed as excess luggage. The cost of mailing said items is absolutely prohibitive, so this is the only option we have. Now, due to the fuel crisis, the cost for sending excess luggage and bringing back dogs has increased astronomically. We are begging for your help. We need financial donations to be able to send these supplies over during our October mission, and to purchase much-needed veterinary medicines, educational literature and banners. All donations will be deeply appreciated � no amount is too small! Please help us help the galgos if you can. As a gesture of thanks, all persons making donations of $100 or more will receive a very special gift � a �Galgo Aid� pin. These pins are crafted by a true champion of galgo welfare, Sandra Baas of Spain. Sandra creates elegant jewelry, all for the benefit of galgo rescue and animal welfare. She is also a huge contributor to GRIN. Please visit her website www.baasgalgo.com to view her lovely creations. Thank you again for your continued support!