Little Orphan Andy Needs A Home! ADOPTED!

AndyUPDATE! Little Orphan Andy is an orphan no more! He is now known as Mr. Murphy and is happily living in his forever home with his parents, another galgo, and some other canine friends!

Andy is a very special little galgo boy who badly needs a loving, forever home.  He was rescued by Fermin Perez and the wonderful people at Scooby when he was just a wee pup, and then brought to the US on October 16, 2008 by a pair of GRIN's volunteers.  Andy is a bit on the shy side at first but if you give him a few minutes (and a cookie never hurts, either), he will warm right up to you!  He is only six months old and, though very well-cared for at Scooby, he IS a shelter puppy so he hasn't had the chance to become as well-socialized as if he'd been in a home his whole life.  He simply needs love, guidance, and understanding and we are sure he will quickly become a loving part of the right family!

Andy was adopted when he arrived but he wasn't the right fit for the family who chose him.  We very badly want Andy to find a forever home, so if you are interested, please contact AND fill out an application (which you can find at ASAP.

Andy has had some GI upset since arriving in the US but has seen a veterinarian and is doing better now.  He is not housebroken yet, and may need some time to figure out what is expected of him.  Remember, he has never lived in a home and was always able to go potty wherever he was so he needs to "re-learn" what to do.

GRIN likes to remind people interested in adopting a galgo puppy that greyhound and galgo puppies are NOT the calm couch potatos that their adult counterparts can be.  They are full of energy and mischief - you will need to do some major puppy-proofing of your home!  They can find trouble where least expected and prospective adopters should understand that they will need to be patient with Andy as he learns what is right and what is not.  He will need your guidance and your love.  Are YOU the forever home Andy is looking for??