A Letter Every Galgo Lover Must Read

Letter from Recal ExtremaduraBeing able to provide the galgos of Spain with the medications and supplies they so desperately need is an immensely rewarding part of being a member of the Galgo Rescue International Network. We develop friendships with many of the people in Spain who have dedicated their lives to the welfare of the Spanish galgo, and these friendships have thrived despite the borders of nations and the barriers of language because we are all bound by one thing � our love for the galgos. Our friends in the US are just as dear to us and share the same bond. We received a very moving letter of thanks from Mada Sanguino of Recal Extremadura after she received the shipment of medications and supplies GRIN sent to her during our Fall 2008 Shelter Aid Mission. We feel compelled to share this letter with all of you � we think you will be moved by the love, sincerity, and thanks Mada's letter reveals. Most of all, we want you to know that your help does make a difference, your donations do get to Spain, and without you none of this would be possible.

From Mada Sanguino of Recal Extremadura:

Hello Again Telma,
You do not imagine how it was when I opened the package. It has been incredible. So many things they are all so useful for us. You have thought of everything that I asked, Alopurinol for leishmania, antibiotics, eye care and artificial tears, there are things that I did not even know existed like the little towels of alcohol to be used once for wounds. Also incredible to receive the IVERMECTICINA, you do not imagine the good that it is for us to treat babesia, filarial and erlichia. Also many of the medicines are exclusive for dogs, they come in a attractive format for them, chewable, that they will eat willingly, that way we will not have to pinch them with what hurts, above all else IVERMECTICINA, that hurts so much and we suffer with them.

Everything, all is so appreciated, the sutures, the bandages, the iodine, the deparisitic pills, the collars everything..

Incredible Telma!! I got very emotional taking all the things out of the box.

You cannot believe the amount of money that we will save in medications. Now that the cold and winter begins and the dogs get sicker we have supplies which will help us confront .

I will not get tired thanking you because it has reached my soul.
Please forward my gratitude to all your co workers.
Receive a very very strong hug.


The picture gallery below features Mada and some of the animals Recal helps.