JazzJazz entered our pack a couple days after his first birthday.  Already having eight dogs in our pack, Jazz surprisingly made the transition smoothly.  He is an easy going, loving, and kind soul.  Being the youngest and biggest has made him very special.  He shows great respect for our fourteen year old Dalmatian and is very patient and gentle with our whippet and six Italian Greyhounds. We never expected to add another kid to the family but it was love at first sight and I can't imagine a day without him.

Ken & Gerri Slaughter, Jazz, Beamer, Simon, Sophia, Musso, Beppo, Joey, Latte, Bodhi and the birds and rabbits.
* Jazz is a wonderful lurcher rescued by Telma Shaw of GRIN and other greyhound rescuers from a dreadful puppy mill situation in California.