The Magnificent Seven Come to America

LollyGRIN�S October 2008 trip to Spain served two  purposes.  Our volunteers delivered much needed supplies to seven shelters: Arca Sevilla, San Anton, Recal Extremadura, Paws y Patas, Sofia El Refugio Escuela, Pro Galgo and Scooby Medina.  They also took on the monumental task of returning to America with 7 lucky dogs bound for their forever homes!

The trip was made possible by two wonderful volunteers from Ohio, Debbie Grega and Chris Mosey.  Both ladies, first timers to Spain, took on a huge task, hauling over 200 lbs of supplies to Spain and then working tirelessly at Scooby Medina for a week, and finally, returning with 7 dogs. If you have not experienced a trip like this one, we can say that it is truly life changing for all involved. Those most affected by the life changing aspect of this last trip were of course, our Magnificent 7 who came together for a trip of a lifetime, a trip that would change their lives forever. Here are their stories.

TorrenteTorrente: A mild mannered beautiful Podenco from Northern Spain. Released by a hunter to Cristina Pascual of Amigos de Milord in Palencia Spain, Torrente had a tough beginning. He lived his life locked in a patio with a dozen other galgos and podencos at the mercy of the human who would come only every two weeks to feed the �tools of the trade�. This was Torrente's life, to hunt and to suffer. In the winter many of his pack died of hypothermia in the bitter cold with no protection on that patio. He had survived and was tossed away like trash as he was not a �good hunter� anymore. We are so thankful to Cristina for rescuing him. When he came to our attention, his sweet demeanor was his calling card and it was not long before the perfect family came forward and asked for him and we began preparations for his adoption. Torrente scored!! Now living happily in Colorado with other canine companions and a loving family, he is living the life! He is Recovering from his fear of men and he is showing lots of affection to his forever family they love him dearly. That is Torrente, a lucky Podenco from Palencia.

Jacobo aka ArgosJacobo aka Argos:  Scooby Galgo, prior life unknown other than he was fortunate to end up at Scooby.  Having had a tough beginning in Spain, and even at the shelter, his transition in the states was a bit rocky at first, but thanks to his new mom and dad and their patience, Argos is now adjusted to living in a home and has charmed them with his loving and silly nature. He has become a beloved pack member to their existing canines and is said to be the life of the party! Way to go Argos! You are our Rock Star!

Lilly and LolliLilly and Lolli: Abandoned Galgo puppies, three months old, somehow made their way to Scooby Medina. Adorable, what can you say about Galgo puppies! Who can resist a galgo puppy, not volunteer Debbie Grega, who had picked Lolli out before the trip, in fact we were also able to bring her sister Lilly in the same crate as we had a wonderful adopter in Pennsylvania who had contacted Sandra Baas in Spain to find out how she could adopt a galgo puppy. Sandra referred her to GRIN and thus began the trip of a lifetime! Both girls doing great with Greyhound brothers and sisters and keeping new moms, Debbie and Colleen, on their toes!

Andy aka MurphyAndy aka Murphy: 5-month-old Andy was emaciated and had a tough beginning when he came to Scooby. No one knows much about him, he simply caught our attention on the website; the sad look on his face, the droopy ears, you know�the galgo look.  He was so very fortunate to come to the U.S.  He was ill when he arrived, but his new family nursed him back to health.  He is now a happy and confident little guy who loves playing with his young German Shepherd packmate.  He learned the ropes of living in comfort very quickly, his 5-year-old� Princess� Galga has taught him well. Here's to a good life, Mr. Murphy!

PericoPerico:  An ethereal white Galgo from Scooby, Perico desperately needed a person to call his own.  He found his angel in Chris, the GRIN volunteer. He chose her. He needed her. Emaciated and low in the pack order in the paddock, life was very hard for Perico.  All that changed as Chris, (who had planned her trip with no intention of adopting!), could not leave her boy behind. She made his dream come true, a story every Galgo needs..home sweet home with canine friends and a loving family..Perico is our Dream Boy�

SilasSilas: A middle-aged Spanish hunting dog, a Brittany spaniel. Long time resident of Scooby.  He had been overlooked for more than a year until a Colorado angel named Lisa chose him for a better life. Now living with a pack of Greyhounds and other canines, Silas has come home..after much grooming his hair is soft and curly..a sweet gentleman, thanks to an angel..

TeoTeo: Teo was our first arrival in the fall with another Scooby volunteer, Eva of Canada. Teo's story starts in Sevilla. She lived in a hording situation with hundreds of malnourished and sick dogs, neglected, suffering..Scooby came to the rescue and brought many of these poor dogs to the shelter. Teo was one of many. A rough coated Galgo she made an impression on her new owner and she said yes to Teo and offered her a good life in upstate NY. She has room to run and play with Greyhound and canine friends. Life is good in her loving home. Teo is home..

These are our stories of our last group, thanks to all of our supporters we can make dreams come true. The Magnificent 7 (plus 1) thank you for helping us help them and those still in Spain.  These dogs get the medical care they need with the supplies we send and again we thank all of you, our supporters. Happy Holidays!

Telma  Shaw
Board Member