Help Needed Immediately! 25 Galgos in Spanish Killing Station!

This is the end of the hunting season in Spain and it is a dreadful and cruel time. Galgos are disposed of in great numbers and often in inhumane ways. GRIN received an empassioned plea from one of the rescue organizations in Spain we work with, Pro-Galgo, which is currently working to rescue 25 galgos from a "killing station". These dogs are truly on death row and desperately need YOUR help! On January 17, 2009, GRIN made a financial grant of $1000 to Pro-Galgo to help with this rescue effort, and will be shipping coats and blankets for these dogs as well. This is a particularly harsh and cold winter in Spain and help is needed to send supplies to SPain to protect these and other dogs from the harsh conditions. If you can help with a financial gift, please click the "Chip In" link to be redirected to PayPal. Help for these galgos is being provided through GRIN's "Loly's Fund" in memory of Loly, a very special little galga who was given a second chance at life. Please click "read more" to see Pro-Galgo's plea for help.

UPDATE From Mo Swatek of Pro-Galgo - January 18, 2009

We just have received the wonderful donation of 1000USD that will make possible the rescue of ALL the galgos remaining in the killing station in Jerez.
Thanks to a donation from we could send 30vaccinations for the dogs and pay for the most urgent expenses, thanks to Melanie we could send 15 warm coats and 20 martingale collars to the killingstation to prepare the dogs.
Our plan is as follows:
We will rent a van and drive there tuesday night. I will go personally with a dear friend of mine to pick up the dogs. In collaboration with, the shelter in Villena and our fosterfamilies, we will fetch all of them and bring them to the different foster families. Thanks to your donation we will finance the transport and part of the castration of the male dogs as we have a very kind collaborator-vet named JOSE who operates males for 40eur each and with the other donations we will be able to pay for the tests and other vet care.
We will keep you all informed during our journey as I'm taking along with my laptop and digicam.
Thanks so much for helping
With friendly barks from Spain
Mo Swatek

The following galgos (Spanish greyhounds) have only a few days left before they are put down if we do not pull them out of the killing station by the end of next week. If we don't take them, either they will be killed or some others will be put to sleep to make room for the new ones to come (end of the hunting season)!!!!

PRO-GALGO is in touch with volunteers in the Jerez Gesser dogpound and we are expecting today the first information about their health state etc. but we urgently need funds to pay for the following expenses:

* 25 multiple vaccines (rabies and micro chip is financed by the local city council)
* Transport to the foster families and shelters in Spain (in Spain we have something like DHL but for dogs, that costs around 50eur per dog, countrywide
* 20 warm coats (we have the coldest winter in years in Spain and the animals in the shelters suffer terribly with temperatures down to -10� celcius in certain areas)
* Antibiotics for the dogs who already got faringitis and other problems from the cold (distemper risk is very high with low defenses after such infections)
* Leishamnia and Ehrlichia tests

An aproximate minimum expense per dog is around 80-100eur incl local transport etc. Every cent counts!!PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM!!!

For donations by paypal please use: or contact our English PRO-GALGO team on pro-galgo@hotmail.comor telephone Elkie Lonnkvist-Hopkins on: (oo 44) (0)7931 348 498 (UK number)THANKS FOR CARING! YOUR DONATION WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!!
Mo Swatek