GRIN Spain Trip Spring 2009March 23 � 30, 2009. G.R.I.N. founder Abby Christman and Colorado volunteers Lisa Swartz and Keiko Kranze just returned from volunteering at Scooby Medina Shelter and visiting another shelter near Madrid called Las Nieves. A detailed follow up to their trip will follow. Here is a peek at the lucky dogs that came back with them.

DukeDuke: Galgo puppy. Beautiful Brindle 6 months old. Duke's mother came to Scooby after being found in an emaciated state, frightened, sick and nursing many pups. Duke is the only survivor. Mamma dog is still recovering at Scooby. Puppy Duke was destined to help heal a broken heart as well as being given a chance for a new life. Last October, volunteer Debbie Grega returned from Scooby with a sweet little galga puppy named Loly, she was three months old. Loly was loved and cared for by the Gregas for three months and as fate would have it, she passed during her spay. This was very sad news for GRIN. We knew that Debbie's broken heart could be mended by the pidder patter of another galgo puppies feet tearing around the house! Debbie said yes, and this dream has been accomplished and Debbie is now Duke's new mom! She is happy to say he is a wonderful little guy full of surprises and is being showered with love by both humans and his canine companions. The Grega household is back to enjoying puppyhood and the memory of Loly will live on in all our hearts forever. Visit Loly's Fund for information on how you can help shelter dogs in her memory. Here's to a great life Duke and thank you for mending a broken heart.

PaquitoPaquito: A Podenco or Podenquito (little Podenco) of 3 years of age had been abandoned, beaten, was sick and was fending for himself on the streets of Badajoz Spain for at least one year. Rescued by a wonderful volunteer named Silvia who works with a shelter called Protectora de Animales de Segovia she was instrumental in putting out a plea for help for medication for Paquito who had tested positive for Filaria (heartworm). GRIN board member Telma Shaw then put out another plea and Don and Elaine Irving of California, graciously sent Paquito the much needed meds, but, there was a snag, the meds were returned by customs. Paquito still needed funding and once again the Irvings came to his rescue. Weeks after his treatment, the thought of leaving Paquito in a shelter after being given a chance to get well, was the catalyst that began the search for his forever home. Again a plea went out and an application came in that was more than perfect for him. Jen and Eric Frank who had rescued a three legged Podenco last year through GRIN, had recently lost their sweet Greyhound Zammy and heard about Paquito's situation and jumped right in to offer their loving home to another Spanish Podenco in need. Needless to say everyone was so happy that he would be coming to the states. On March 30th, volunteer Fernando of Protectora Segovia, drove Paquito from Segovia to the airport in Madrid to meet up with GRIN volunteers and his new life was becoming a reality. Jen and Eric Frank who had been waiting anxiously for his homecoming have fallen head over heels in love with the little guy and their greyhound Murphy and Cervantes have welcomed him into their home with lots of tail wagging and happiness. Although Paquito had been fearful when rescued, he is now opening up and trusting his wonderful new parents. The Franks received a very special letter from another shelter volunteer named Ana about his life and his rescue and she has put up his pictures on the website at ( ) 'so that everyone in the world could see him.� A happy ending to an amazing adventure for Paquito, the little Podenco who could.

ZaraZara: She is a stunning black and white 3 year old Galga from Scooby. This girl won the hearts of volunteers of Forever Home Greyhound Rescue of NY while at Scooby and GRIN was able to bring her back for her Forever Home. Visit their website: for updates on Zara and other galgos in their foster program.

Coming March 31: Say Hola to ZARA our beautiful little 3 year old Spanish bundle of joy. Zara is as sweet as she is lovely and we simply cannot wait for her arrival. Unfortunately she was unable to accompany us when we returned from our trip to Spain on Feb 12th because her passport had not yet been issued but we expect her to be here with us in March or perhaps april when the next crew of volunteers comes back from the SCOOBY shelter.

KalaKala: She is a beautiful 2 year old Galga. Abandoned and brought to Scooby, Kala is a happy go lucky puppyish girl who is being fostered by Keiko Kranze who volunteered at Scooby and helped bring her over. She is very social and is living happily with four greyhounds and is waiting for that perfect forever home. She is very interested in kitties so an appropriate home is needed. Kala loves to spin her tail when you talk to her and is silly and loves playing with her toys. She is submissive to the greyhounds she lives with but does better with non alpha girls but she sure loves playing with them. Kala is all galga and her personality keeps coming out... we wish her the best... she's come so far for her forever home, is it you? Update: Kala will be taken into Canadian group Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue to find her forever home. We wish Kala the best in life and know they will find her the perfect home.

JuliaJulia: She is a lovely mature, 5 or 6 year old, somewhat wiry coated galga. Not to much is known about her background but she must be resilient to have made it this far. She has the Roman nose and sad eyes that are distinctive of the galgos. She is loving, sweet, funny and playful and just wants to find her forever home to settle into. Julia is being fostered in Colorado and has shown a great ability to adjust to many situations as they come. She gets along great will dogs of all sizes is presently living with three greyhounds and doing beautifully. Julia has come this far, if you have a space in your home for a sweet Spanish senorita, and lots of love to share with her, and of course lots of soft beds, please contact Telma at:

Paolo: A young Spanish hunting dog from Scooby brought over by Lisa Swartz finds love and a new life of safety and security. Thanks Lisa.