About G.R.I.N.

The Galgo Rescue International Network (G.R.I.N.) was founded to establish a relationship between the galgo shelters in Spain and animal lovers in the United States and around the world.� Our love of greyhounds and concern for their plight drew us to their cousins in Spain - the Galgos.

Working closely with Spanish galgo shelters, G.R.I.N. raises awareness of the galgo's plight through international educational campaigns and fundraising.� We also aids shelters and assists with adoptions for rehomed Galgos in the US.

What is G.R.I.N.?

The Galgo Rescue International Network is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit animal welfare organization run entirely by volunteers and was founded in 2006 by Abby Christman with the help of Judy Greenfield and Bev McInis. Abby, a member of the Board of Directors of Operation Scooby, had travelled to Scooby Protectora De Animales on two veterinary rescue missions funded by Operation Scooby. The need for veterinary help (Operation Scooby's primary mission) is immense, and Abby saw during these missions that the need for practical help existed as well. Abby, Judy and Bev joined forces to create G.R.I.N. - their goals being to provide practical help and supplies to the Spanish shelters, to act as an adoption agency for a small number of dogs entering the US from Spain, and to inspire change in the treatment of the galgos through public informational/educational campaigns. Bev stepped down from the BOD of G.R.I.N. in February 2007, and Telma Shaw was asked to move into her position.

What is G.R.I.N. Doing to Help the Galgos?

Since its inception in 2006, G.R.I.N. has rehomed 36 galgos; provided hundreds of leashes, collars, and coats to the shelters; delivered hundreds of pounds of medical supplies to the shelter clinics; and donated over $3000 in cash to shelters. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity and we conduct various fundraisers with all of the profit benefiting the galgos of Spain either through direct donation or through campaigns to educate the public about the grim situation in Spain.

Does G.R.I.N. Work With Other Animals or Just Galgos?

G.R.I.N. was originally designed to work with only the Spanish galgo, but it quickly became apparent that our help was needed with other breeds. We are currently working with the Colorado All Breed Rescue Network to rescue other sighthounds in the US, and we have rescued non-galgo dogs in need of veterinary care. Our new slogan is "Dedicated to the Welfare of the Spanish Galgo and Sighthounds Worldwide".

Aren't There Enough Dogs In the US In Need of Homes?

The pet overpopulation is truly an overwhelming issue. All over the world animals are bred indiscriminantly. There are not enough homes available for the animals that are products of intentional breeding, much less all the "accidental" breedings. The result of this is the euthanasia of countless thousands of dogs and cats each year. The keys to changing the pet overpopulation crisis are spaying/neutering of all dogs and cats, and education of the public at large. At G.R.I.N., we see the pet overpopulation as a problem without borders and we want to make a difference wherever and however we can. By bringing a very few galgos to the US, we are exposing the atrocities that occur in Spain with these "ambassadogs", and hopefully educating people. Each of the G.R.I.N. board members is involved in the rescue and care of animals in the US. Our goal is to raise awareness and promote change in the way animals are treated everywhere.