Coat Makers - Keeping the Galgos Warm

Galgo wearing a coat made by the Coat MakersThe Spanish Galgo is much like the greyhound and all other sighthounds in that they have thin coats at best, very little body fat, and are not well-suited to life outdoors.  The shelters do a marvelous job at providing safe shelters for the dogs so that they can escape the ravages of the weather. But even so the dogs - by necessity - spend much of their time outside.  The summers are brutally hot and the winters can be painfully cold and snowy.

The Galgo Rescue International Network works hard to provide the galgos with fleece coats to keep them warm during the cool fall and freezing winter weather.  Coats are brought to the shelters from all over Europe and the US.  To date, G.R.I.N. and Operation Scooby have collaborated to take more than 600 coats to the shelters. 

Coat Makers Unite!

Coat Makers working to support the GalgosWant to help make a difference to a galgo?  We are doing that one coat at a time.  If you are interested in helping us, we would love to hear from you!  Sewers and even non sewers can help.  Ask us how!


We are always in need and accepting donations for fleece.  Contact my email for the shipping address.  If you want to sew I can mail patterns on request or follow the pattern on this site.


So far, we have been able to make approximately 500 coats in the last few years, and volunteer sewers have added hundreds of coats to our supplies over the last year. The push this year is to help the smaller shelters as well, so their galgos will be warm this winter.  As you know, coats wear out so this will continue to be an ongoing project.  Please help us help them. 

A special thanks to the sewers who have helped make this happen.

For more information please contact Telma Shaw - Click here to send an email to Telma


How to make a coat (pdf 665 kb)
Coat Pattern (pdf 92kb)