Fostering a Galgo

GRIN is in need of foster families to temporarily host galgos when they arrive in the U.S. Some dogs just need several days in a foster home before they go to their forever homes.  Other dogs need a place to stay until the right adopter is found.  If you are interested in fostering, please contact  If you have a cat, the dog will be tested at the Spanish shelter for his/her compatibility with cats. They tend to have good house manners and learn the ropes from the other dogs in the household.

Care Policy & Guidelines

Part 1. . .GRIN Care Policy

1GRIN dogs, as a rule, will be spayed or neutered and updated on all inoculations prior to placement in a foster home.

2GRIN will maintain an information file on all foster dogs.  These files will include pertinent information on each individual dog including a physical description of the dog, health records and acquisition information.

3GRIN maintains the ownership of any and all dogs placed as a foster dog until such time the dog has been formally adopted.

4Veterinary care shall not be rendered to any GRIN dog without prior authorization by a Board Member or Officer of the organization.  In the event of a life-threatening emergency, veterinary attention should be sought immediately.  Documentation space from a licensed veterinary doctor shall be submitted to GRIN prior to any reimbursement of veterinary expenses.

5Any veterinary care or attention required for a GRIN foster dog due to neglect or disregard of GRIN policy will be the responsibility of the foster person.

6GRIN reserves the right to inspect any and all foster dogs while in foster care.

7GRIN will reevaluate all foster dogs kept in foster care after thirty (30) days.  At this time, a decision may be made to relocate the foster dog should such a move be of benefit to the dog.

8GRIN is responsible for the adoption and placement of all GRIN dogs. While the input and judgment of the foster person is invaluable to the placement of foster dogs, the decisions concerning permanent placement will be at the discretion of the space placement / adoption coordinators and / or the GRIN Board of Directors.

9GRIN assumes no responsibility or liability for damages caused by a foster dog.  This includes injury to a resident dog, a person, or damage to property.

10The foster home and property may be inspected by a GRIN authorized member prior to acceptance into the GRIN foster program.  Additional annual inspections may be made.  A record of inspections will be kept on file with GRIN.

11The foster person(s) must complete a foster care agreement and release form agreeing to all the conditions and statements as written.

Part 2 . . . Foster Guidelines

1No one convicted of animal abuse will be eligible to foster GRIN dogs.

2The foster dog will be kept as an indoor family pet while in the care of the foster person.

3The foster dog will be kept in a secure indoor area during those periods of time when the foster person is not available to supervise the actions of the dog.

4The foster dog will be fed daily and in such amounts as to maintain ideal body weight.

5The foster dog will have access to fresh water.

6The foster dog will always be exercised on lead (leash) even in a completely secure fenced area.

7The foster dog will receive care and personal attention so as to develop social skills and good house manners.

8The foster dog will be supervised while interacting with any and all animals while in the care of the foster person(s).

9The foster dog will be supervised while interacting with any and all children while in the care of the foster person(s).

10The foster dog will be protected from hazardous materials or products that may be harmful to the dog.

11The foster dog will be kept in a safe environment and protected from conditions and / or experiences unsafe for pet animals.

12The foster dog will receive any necessary veterinary care consistent with the GRIN policies (see items 4 & 5 on page 1 under Foster Care Policy).

13The foster dog will wear, at all times, a secure buckle collar with appropriate identification tags.

14The foster dog will not be transported out of Colorado nor is it to reside in a location other than that which is stated on the foster persons agreement.

15The foster person(s) will immediately notify GRIN should any problems arise in connection with the GRIN foster dog including, but not limited to health or behavioral concerns, loss or theft of the foster dog.

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