Personal Stories and Experiences Living with and Loving Podencos

Introducing Torrente, living a new life of luxury in the U.S.

Torrente before adoptionTorrente came to the attention of a G.R.I.N. volunteer via an email from the association Amigos de Milord.  They were looking to rescue Torrente from his �owner� who said he was �good for nothing� and was feeding Torrente only every two weeks.  The hard working volunteers at Amigos de Milord were desperate to rescue him from his situation and get him into a loving, forever home.  G.R.I.N. was able to assist Amigos de Milord and after many long nights of worry and work on all the logistics, Torrente was on his way to the U.S.  He was adopted on Oct. 16, 2008 and is 4.5 years old.  Here is more on his story from his wonderful new family.

Torrente came to us in October 2008 from a town just outside Palencia in northern Spain.  He had been living on a small patio with a lot of dogs, little food, and no shelter from the elements.  Despite all of this, Torrente was friendly and gentle from the very beginning.  He seemed so grateful for a bath and a bed it was difficult to imagine what his life must have been like when he was deprived of even the most basic of needs.

Torrente - Life after adoptionToday he is a cherished member of our family. No morning would be complete without Torrente's graceful trot through the back yard.  He loves everyone and plays well with our other dogs�even our seven month old Chihuahua (Ruby) who loves to antagonize him.  He still enjoys the simple pleasures of his first days with us, such as curling up on his soft bed or having his hair brushed.  Often he will stand up on his hind legs and lean his head against our chests, as though he is giving us a hug.

Everyone who meets Torrente loves him and it is not difficult to understand why.  Podencos are graceful in movement and gracious in manner.  We can�t imagine a world without Torrente in it.