Podenco Shelters in Desperate Need:

Quote from a volunteer for Paws Patas:

[blockquote]�Our problem is compounded by the poor economy here in Spain.  This has led to a mass exodus of British people that had made Spain their home.  In turn this means that we have lost many volunteers, our fund raising events are much more poorly attended and there is a double edged sword in that we not only are rehoming fewer dogs but that we are gaining dogs as penniless Brits now dump as much (if not more) dogs than the Spanish.�  �There is a serious question mark if we can continue for much longer.  Lack of manpower and lack of funds is slowly killing us.�[/blockquote]

Quote from a volunteer for SARA Shelter:

[blockquote]�The worldwide financial crisis is hitting us hard.  We only had ONE dog adopted last week and numerous others were added to our new waiting list we have had to implement.  We have reached our limits and can only take in emergencies (i.e. traffic accidents, etc.). All others have to be on a �one out, one in� system.  People just cannot afford to keep their animals.�[/blockquote]

[important title=APANOT (http://apanotenerife.spaces.live.com)]


APANOT is a shelter located in Tenerife Canary Islands. It has been run for 8 years by Karmen(president) who speaks English, German and Spainish and Raul who have been caring for abandoned dogs primarily hunting dogs/Podencos for 11 years. Through a gift of land by a German donor they have been able to build some housing that holds up to 70 dogs and 40 cats, the cats living in a near by home. They depend on volunteers to come to the land, to walk the dogs on the weekends and help socialize them. This shelter gets little help as they are on an island and need exposure to move these dogs into forever homes. Volunteers look for homes on mainland Spain and need interested rescue groups from Europe to help them relocate these adorable dogs.[/important]

[important title=PAWS PATAS  (http://www.paws-patas.org)]


Paws Patas shelter was founded in 1989 and is located in Almeria.  The shelter helps on average 400-500 dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages each year.  (They also help many cats too!).  They rely heavily on memberships, fund raising events and donations.  Donations can be made easily via Pay Pal at http://www.paws-patas.org/donate_now.html  Paws Patas is always looking for eager volunteers to visit and help out.  Please see http://www.paws-patas.org/volunteer.html for more details.  Also, below is a Q&A with a volunteer from Paws Patas with more details about volunteering.

Q:  How far is the shelter from the Almeria airport?
A:  The airport is around 45 minutes from the shelter.

Q: How would volunteers get from the airport to the shelter, would they need to rent a car, or could someone meet them?
A: If people fly into Almeria we will collect them at the airport.  If people can afford to hire a car, then that is great as the shelter is a little bit �out in the sticks�.

Q: Which is the closest hotel to the shelter?  Is it moderately priced?
A: This I will look into.  There are none in walking distance.  In Mojacar, Vera Playa and Garrucha there are many hotels, but one would need a car to get to and from the shelter.

Q: Who is the contact person in charge of the shelter?  English Speaking?
A: Valerie at valerielosgiles@yahoo.co.uk
Yvonne at y.tromp@hotmail.com
Janet at happydog@mercuryin.es

Q: If volunteers came, what supplies would be most necessary?  Also, do you need coats for the dogs?
A: We can always use flea and worm treatments.  Yes, please, in the winter, we do use coats.

Q: Is Malaga is closest international airport?  Almeria is almost 2 hours away from Malaga, is there any transportation to Almeria from Malaga?
A: Alicante is much more favorable than Malaga.  Malaga is around a three hour drive whereas Alicante has very good links and is only two hours.  There is also good bus service (Alsa) from Alicante to our neighboring town of Vera.  Many people fly to Alicante, take the bus to Vera and then we collect them there.[/important]

[important title=SARA Shelter (http://www.sara-lanzarote.eu)]

SARA shelter

The SARA Shelter was founded in 1986 in Lanzarote on the Canary Islands.  They have room to house 150 dogs and 50 cats, but rarely have less than 200 dogs and 80 cats at one time.  The majority of the dogs they rescue are Podencos as they are the breed of choice used by the hunters on the island.  SARA relies on memberships, donations and fund raising events to support the animals at the shelter, the educational work they do and their feral cat sterilization program.  Email contact for Spanish, English and French is sarashelter@hotmail.com

Stay tuned�.more to come on volunteering at the SARA Shelter.[/important]