Txoco's Story

Txoco-at Killing StationG.R.I.N. has been following the rescue work of one amazing rescue lady named Silvia Bordetas Gil who lives in Valencia Spain. Last year Silvia coordinated the rescue and medical rehabilitation of an abandoned Podenco named Paquito who found a wonderful home in Colorado through G.R.I.N. Silvia is a person who lives and breathes rescue. Many dogs have crossed her path and for the last 25 years she has been their advocate. She also works with a shelter called Protectora de Segovia for the last 8 years and helps in any other place in Spain through her contacts where she can help. Recently she told us of the story of Txoco.

Txoco is a sweet,beautiful and young chocolate and white Podenco, a hunter's �tool� who was not up to the task and simply taken to the killing station in Valencia. It was his day to die, but Silvia happened to be there rescuing an aging galga when she noticed him and his eyes caught hers and pleaded for help. This happens and when it does one cannot turn away. For Silvia, it was the day to save Txoco, for Txoco it was a turn of fate. He would not die that day. Silvia has routinely rescued animals from the killing station and then takes them to the vet for vetting and to a boarding facility to get healthy and then finds them homes. She routinely visits with �her dogs� and cleans crates and plays with them while there. She pays out of her own pocket the boarding expenses and because she has several dogs there all the time they give her a break on the cost. It is still costly keeping 6 or more dogs but she has a passion to rescue the worse cases. She noticed that Txoco was not eating and if he did he would vomit and not be able to drink. He was becoming thinner everyday. The vet did an exam and xrays that revealed he had a persistant right aortic arch (PRAA) that is a malady of the esophagus. Only surgery will save his life or he will die of starvation. At this point we all ponder the right decision to make, and Silvia could only think of one thing, she had saved him from the killing station and she was going to help him now, to live.

Txoco Rescued from Killing StationG.R.I.N. and other donars will be sending help her way through our EAF or Emergency Assistance Fund. Txoco is scheduled for surgery next week and we are sending him good thoughts and our prayers for a successful surgery. We thank Silvia for all she does and we will update our readers on Txoco's progress. He will be recovering in the hospital for 10-14 days.

If anyone would like to make a donation for his surgery, small or large, all is appreciated. Just go to our PayPal account and let us know it is for Txoco.

Also, our dream for him would be a forever home here in the states once he is well. If anyone is possibly interested in him just let us know.

Telma Shaw