You Can Help

The Galgo Rescue International Network welcomes individuals who want to volunteer their time to helping the galgos.  If you think you would like to be a part of G.R.I.N.'s mission, please contact

Some of the tasks we need help with include:

  • Recruiting donations of medical supplies from veterinarians (unused, unwanted, expired, etc.)
  • Contact the Spanish embassy to demand legislation and action protecting the galgo from inhumane treatment and abuse
  • Acquiring donations of dog-related items (collars, coats, beds, art, pictures, knick-knacks) from artisans for auctions
  • Acquiring gently used dog collars, leashes and coats to send to the Spanish shelters
  • Travellers going to Spain - are you willing to haul supplies to the shelters for G.R.I.N.?
  • Coatmakers! If you sew, we have a job for you! Contact telma@galgorescue.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Veterinary professionals - volunteer your time to a Spanish shelter and make a difference!
  • Fostering - if you are interested in temporarily fostering a galgo, let us know!
  • Grant writing - we are looking into applying for a number of grants to further our mission
  • SPREAD THE WORD! Information is power!
  • And many, many more opportunities exist!

Thank you for supporting G.R.I.N. and the Spanish galgos!

Please visit the "Send Letters" tab for more detailed information on letter writing campaigns and the "Fostering a Galgo" tab for information regarding fostering opportunities.