Adopting Ricky

Ricky was adopted with the help of G.R.I.N. received the below email from a new member in France named Peggy. We would just like to acknowledge the good work of many groups in France for continuing their support of the Spanish Galgos. Thank you and we are looking forward to the pictures of Ricky's arrival in France Sept. 15th. Thank you to everyone who helps in this rescue and all the others as well!

- The G.R.I.N. Board

"My partner and I will be adoping Ricky with the help of "Levriers en Danger" here in France. Our plan was to adopt an adult. We have 2 Great Danes, 5 cats, fish, 18 chickens (we do not eat) and a parrot. With what we have Cecila thought a puppy might be better. We just asked for anything that needed a home and would fit with what we have. We live in the country with more than 5 acres of land and 2 big hearts. She thought Ricky would be great so Ricky it is. Here is a photo."