Adoption Guidelines/ Frequently Asked Questions

 Galgo Rescue International Network Adoptions

  • GRIN serves as an adoption agency for individuals in the United States and Canada interested in adopting galgos from Spanish shelters.  We work primarily with the shelter Scooby in Medina Del Campo, Spain.  We have built a strong relationship with Scooby and work with them to find appropriate American homes for galgos and other Spanish dogs.

  • Transports of galgos from Spain occur periodically throughout the year, except during the summer months as airlines have an embargo on the flying of dogs from June 15- September 15 each year.  To inquire about the dates of upcoming transports and the availability of galgos, please contact  We fulfill adoption requests on a first come, first served basis, so we strongly encourage people to complete the application process outlined below as soon as they decide to adopt.

  • In order to be considered as an adoptive home, you must fill out an Application for Adoption, found on the GRIN website  ALL adult members of your household must sign the application as dogs will ONLY be placed in homes where all family members welcome them.  If you have adopted from GRIN before, you may not need to fill out the application again, but please email us at to be sure.

  • If you currently own more than two dogs, GRIN may choose to research legal regulations regarding the maximum number of dogs allowed in your housing area.  We may also contact HOAs and will always contact landlords/property owners if you live in a rental property.

  • If you have children or if children frequently visit your home we may ask that you speak with a GRIN dog/child mentor.  Refusal to do so may result in your application being denied.

  • Once you have submitted your adoption application, it will be reviewed by the GRIN Board of Directors.  Please be sure to include a reference and current contact information for that reference.  You will be contacted by one of our adoption personnel after your application is reviewed.  It is not uncommon for us to request further information.  GRIN reserves the right to revoke application approval if deemed necessary, and all application denials are final.  Please note that an application to foster is NOT an application to adopt, and acceptance of a foster home application does not guarantee approval of an application for adoption.

  • If your application for adoption is approved, you will be asked to complete a Galgo Preference Worksheet.  GRIN is different from most adoption organizations in that we typically match dogs and adopters BEFORE the dogs are transported to the U.S.  Due to the expense of transport and the absence of a U.S. shelter facility, it is necessary to proceed in this fashion.  If you are not interested in proceeding in the matching process, you may be considered for one of the dogs we bring over and hold in foster care, but these conditions are rare and you may find that you will have a significantly longer wait to adopt.

  • After your application is accepted and you have completed the preference worksheet, you will need to pay a deposit of 50% of the current adoption fee BEFORE GRIN can begin the matching process (you will be asked by a GRIN representative to do so and will be given an exact deadline).  This is not optional.  A great deal of planning and work goes into the match, and Scooby performs blood tests on adoption dogs, so your financial commitment is required before the process can begin.  If for some reason we are unable to match you with an appropriate dog, a refund will be issued of the deposit at your request.  Once the transport is underway, however, the deposit becomes non-refundable as we will be unable to change the transport list.

  • Payment of the remainder of the adoption fee and the signed adoption contract is due in order for your dog to be released into custody.  Again, a GRIN representative will give you an exact deadline for said payment.  Adopters are responsible for all costs associated with moving your dog from the arrival point (Denver, Colorado<), to your home.  You are also responsible for planning the transport from Denver to your home, though GRIN representatives will try to assist you however possible.

  • In the event that the dog reaches your home and, after a suitable trial period, is found to be unacceptable, you may relinquish the dog (you are contractually required to relinquish the dog to GRIN).  We will not refund adoption fees, but the board may elect, after reviewing the situation, to provide a different, more suitable dog if the situation is deemed appropriate for such action.

  • Please address adoption questions to  Thank you for caring about our dear friends, the Spanish Galgos.