Thank You Dewey!

Thank you Dewey!GRIN was simply overwhelmed by the generous response to our request for gently used coats, collars, and leashes to be brought to Dewey 2009!  You donated 196 collars, 75 leashes, 87 coats, 14 harnesses, vet wrap, clippers and various other supplies for the shelters in Spain!  Can you believe it!!!  

Beth Wade (Beth Wade Design) very generously provided us with space in her booth for the collection box.  Numerous vendors happily pointed donors in the direction of the box including Hilde from G.E.M. who asked everyone she sold a harness to if she could have their used one to donate to GRIN.  She even walked them down to the box to be sure we got them!  

Perhaps the most moving moments for us came from people who saw our GRIN T-shirts and came up to us to personally hand us their donations.  Those people were letting go of items belonging to their very special greyhound angels and they wanted those precious items to go to a dog truly in need.  Most had tears in their eyes as they told us what was in the bags they were giving us.  We simply can't thank them enough and we promise to ensure that those items get to the most needy shelters.   Every item will help the sighthounds in Spain and we truly thank all those who took the time to gather items to donate.  

The collection was truly a greyhound community effort and GRIN thanks you!