Galgo Rescue International Network Helps Out In Spain

Abby Christman Plaskett and Chris delivering supplies to SpainG.R.I.N. had the opportunity to make a quick trip to Spain this past week (November 3 � 9, 2009).

Abby Christman and Chris Plaskett, board member, accomplished a mission that included taking hundreds of pounds of needed supplies and distributing them to five different shelters, visiting two shelters, Las Nieves and Scooby, working at Scooby and returning with one Galgo and one Podenco through our friend rescuer in Valencia, Silvia Bordetas Gil.  Forever Home Greyhounds of NY has these two wonderful hounds in their care now.  More details on this trip will follow.  The donations of coats, collars, leashes and especially medical supplies that came from our donors were very well received, please read the emails from two of the shelters You helped!


Nuria Blanco of Amigos de Los Galgos wrote the below...

Dear Telma,

I was more than happy to meet Abby again. I enjoyed this very much. I want to express our most gratefulness to your organisation.  I received the parcel which is very well kept with us to distribute to P. Mu�oz and something will be used for our galgos of Amigos de los Galgos.  We have some of them in boarding kennels and leads collars and coats are very welcome.  I took some photographs with all the deployment of stuff in the airport and Cris and Abby preparing all the parcels there.

Thanks a lot for the donation which I received and will be used for our galgos in the boarding kennels and their veterinary care and preparation for adoption.  I would like you to pass our thanks to all the people around you that have a thought for our galgos in need here in Spain and make it possible to have your most valuable help.  If any time you come to Madrid we could meet and have some drink together.

I am sending some photos I took, they are not terribly good as there are works going on at the airport and the light was not good enough.

Lots of love,

And from Galgos Sin Fronteras:  translated:

Hola Telma.  Yesterday we received your package by MRW. Thank you so much in the name of our rescued Galgos. Saludos Afectuosos Cristina.

Letter from the San Anton shelter...

Hola Telma,

Yesterday the G.R.I.N. parcel did arrive in the San Anton shelter. You made our day!!! All gifts are useful. We're grateful for your support. Mil veces gracias.