Perico... a Great Addition to Our Family

Chris Mosey with (from left) JuneBug, Perico and LuchoHere is another great story from a G.R.I.N. member...

"I�ve been involved in American racing greyhound rescue and adoption for over a decade, adopting three and fostering dozens more.  I had heard and read about the plight of the galgos of Spain and their sad, short lives, so last year a friend and I traveled to Medina del Campos, Spain, to Scooby Rescue to volunteer and help where we were able.

Galgo Rescue International Network (G.R.I.N.) asked if we were willing to take 200 pounds of medical supplies with us to be delivered to several shelters.  We were, and we did, as well as numerous suitcases filled with collars, leashes, dog coats, and blankets.  We also agreed to bring back one dog that had a home waiting for him.  We took two large travel kennels as well.  The two of us were quite a sight at the airport!

The Scooby experience was incredible!  There were nearly 500 dogs to care for and as many animals of other species as well.  We shoveled, scooped, hosed, squeegee, and watered hour after hour� and did it all again the next day.  It was joyous to be covered in dogs when entering a paddock.  Every one of them was friendly and in need of some serious cuddling, shoving each other so as to get closer to us.

One thin, sad, white galgo caught my attention.  The other dogs in his paddock wouldn�t let him eat.  They attacked when he tried to get a mouthful of the kibble that had been poured in a long line across the ground.  He hung his head and kept to himself, often lying in a large hole.  It wasn�t reasonable to move him to another paddock as he would again be at the bottom of the �pecking order� and the other dogs would fight amongst themselves to reestablish their positions within the pack.  I told him then that if there were anyway possible that I could take him home, I would do it.

Well, we ended up bringing seven dogs back to the United States, including my skinny Perico.  He's been a great addition to our family which, at that time, included a twelve and a half year old greyhound and a 3 year old pit-bull.  Perico is happy and robust now.  A year after we adopted him I learned that some volunteers from G.R.I.N as well as from Forever Home Greyhounds were going to Scooby and planned to bring back  another galgo who had a leg amputated several months prior.  I saw his picture and read his story on Scooby's website and decided that we wanted to give him a home.  He was a stray and he appeared to have been hit by a car, his left rear leg and hip shattered, hence the need for amputation.  His name is Lucho and he looks a lot like Perico.

So now we have two galgos and the little pittie.  Like the greyhounds we were used to, the galgos are gentle and loving and enjoy the finer things in life� like a soft bed, toys, and bellyrubs.

Although vaccinated against leptospirosis at Scooby, Lucho was recently diagnosed with the disease.  He is currently being treated with large doses of antibiotics.  We hope for a complete recovery as he is part of our family� that means forever� no matter how long that is, and we can�t bear to lose him.

Consider adding a galgo to your clan.  They are wonderful dogs and certainly deserve better than most of them get in life."