Bubby and Canuto

Canuto going to Foreverhome Greyhounds in NYUpdate from Spain: Two beautiful hounds, Bubby a Galgo and Canuto a small Podenco are making their way from Valencia Spain 11/6 to Madrid airport by 11/9 to be met by Abby Christman and Chris Plaskett of GRIN for the final leg of their voyage to Foreverhome Greyhounds in NY.  

Buby who will now be known as Illusion had been rescued from a killing station by Silvia Bordetas Gil and placed in a safe boarding facility along with Canuto.  Canuto had a hard life with a hunter in the south of Spain. Both will be welcomed to the U.S. to start their new life as treasured companions!  

Updates to follow, stay posted! For information on either hound, contact Paula at www.foreverhomegreyhounds.com