A Message from Fermin of Scooby. Clarence is rescued!

Clarence is rescued!G.R.I.N. received these from Fermin today...

Dear friends,

This is a galgo that I have rescued today, he was abandoned in Medina. I must say that only because of this is it worth to keep working on animal welfare and I am especially proud of being able to do this work.

He is absolutely blind, the poor Clarence (this is his new name), and he was laying in the rain, freezing cold. As soon as he arrived at my house (I am now fostering him) we dewormed and cleaned him, and now he feels more safe. He has been already eating, drinking and making pee and pooh. It is only for these kind of things that, if Scooby did not exist, we should try to invent it. Enjoy the pictures.

- Fermin