Flooding in Pedro Munoz Cuidad Animal Shelter

Flooding in Pedro Munoz Cuidad Animal ShelterFlooding in Pedro Munoz Cuidad Animal Shelter in Cuidad Real Spain, about 200 kms south of Madrid.

These picture were taken Christmas week.  Heavy torrential rains pounded the country and the dog refuges are now suffering the consequences.  G.R.I.N. will be sending an EAF grant (Emergency Assistance Fund) to Pedro Munoz so that they can begin the work of adding drainage to the compound so that this will not happen again.  The volunteers worked without rest for days on end, first with buckets to remove water and then with a pump that was donated to them.  Right now the area has been freed of flooding but they are afraid it could start again. 

There is much work to be done and your donations to the shelter aid fund will go to help the dogs at Pedro Munoz Cuidad Animal.  Thanks to volunteers Loli and Lydia for their tireless efforts to help these unfortunate dogs, with the back breaking work even fighting off fevers they continued.  The dogs are still at risk with colds and possibility of infections from the water. 

If you would like to contribute you can PayPal your donations to GRIN and specify for Pedro Munoz flooded shelter aid.  They are so appreciative of your donations, and thank you to those who have already donated to their cause! Updates will follow.

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Neptuno/Hero Finds foster home for New Year. Hero, a lucky 7 year old galgo previously named Neptuno, was released from the flooded shelter, Pedro Munoz, and into the care of Charlotte del Rio and her friend Lisa of Malaga on New Years Day.  Hero will learn how to live in a home. At present he is terrified of men but Charlottes husband Dioni is taking the time to teach him to trust. We wish Hero a Happy New Year and new life..thanks ladies for helping our little Hero!!

Updates to follow.