Galgos in Jaen Rescued!

Galgos in Jaen Rescued! It starts the same way each time, a plea from a rescue group in Spain for dogs on death row. 
Charlotte del Rio, GRIN rep in Malaga Spain, sent out this plea for the rescue group, ABYDA Associacion Bienestar y Defensa Animal a group in Jaen Spain.

�I know everyone is completely saturated at the moment, but not only galgos other dogs are being put to sleep everywhere.  But these 4, if there was just a temporary space, or adoption it would save their lives!!  PLEASE FWD if you cannot help, you may just know someone who can.�

The pictures tell the story, they do not have long to live.  We can�t shake the images.  The plea goes out for other rescue friends to take a look, and possibly help.  This time the plea could be acted upon.  GRIN will help finance the rescue of two of the galgos through Silvia Bordetas in Valencia Spain.  The dogs will be saved, moved out of the killing station and into foster care.  Also, Vera Thorenaar Reddering living in Malaga who works with Greyhound Rescue in Holland will be fostering the most timid looking tiger galga in the picture, the one in the corner.  She is up to the challenge and is waiting anxiously for Monday Jan 4th to receive her into her home.  Once Quia (her new name) has adjusted, and it may take months, a home will be found for her through her group in Holland,  These poor galgos are terrorized by their experiences and need time and patience, of which Vera has had experience to handle.  Thank You Vera and thank you to all involved in this life saving rescue.

We will keep our readers posted on their journey to a new life!  Thanks to everyone for their help.

Thank you from Vera

I would like to add that THANKS to GRIN from so far away, this message got to the right people and from there to more or less the whole of Spain and Holland aswell.  Great job!! Will let you know how Quia goes on....

Kind Regards,