Update: Pedro Munoz Cuidad Animal - Flooded Shelter

The galgos at Pedro Munoz CuidadGRIN has sent an EAF fund (Emergency Assistance Fund) as well as our monthly Shelter Aid grant  for the Pedro Munoz Shelter in Cuidad Real, that was flooded this month.  They have sent an estimate of the cost of putting in drainage so that this catastrophe will not happen again, and we are happy to be part of the solution.  Without your kind donations we would not be able to help those that need it, when they need it.  Thank you everyone for helping us help the shelters.  Below an email from one of the volunteers, Loli,  who works tirelessly to help these poor animals.

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Hi Telma, I am so emotional and happy to read your email and to see the solidarity of the people for our shelter. We are forever profoundly grateful, because this donation, will help us in a definite manner, so that we can get the necessary work done to avoid that the same problem we had (the flooding of the shelter).

Please, give thanks to all the good people who have donated and tell them that from Cuidad Animal, we are thankful from the deepest part of our hearts.  Our dogs, also are grateful for your generosity.  Thanks so much for everything you are doing for us and our animals.  

Our deep gratitude to all,

Pedro Munoz Cuidad Animal