Help G.R.I.N. Send More Coats to Spain!

Help G.R.I.N. Send More Coats to Spain!G.R.I.N. sent hundreds of coats to shelters in Spain this past winter to help keep the dogs warm!  Many thanks to our supporters who donated used coats as well as those talented ladies who have been making coats.

Of course, it is not cheap to ship the coats to Spain.  A box of twenty-five coats costs about $100 including supplies.  G.R.I.N. uses "Space Bags" to be able to fit as many coats as possible in a box.   Please make a donation to help us cover these costs so we can send more!


1)  Make a cash donation to help with the expenses

2)  Send new or used coats to G.R.I.N. (email for the address)

3)  Donate men's ties - one of our creative coat makers uses men's ties as ties for the coats - what an ingenious idea!  If you have any ties to donate, please send them directly to Nancy Nelson at 6 Meriden Place, Melville, NY  11747.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the shelters that received coats.  What a great feeling  to help these dogs stay warm!

Please help us help the shelters to be prepared for next winter!

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