Kharma NYC Chose G.R.I.N. For Its "This Is What Matters to Me" T-Shirt Series

Kharma NYC artist Gary Fernandez designed a limited edition T-Shirt for G.R.I.N. to support galgos.The new socially conscious lifestyle brand, Kharma NYC, just collaborated with nine artists from around the globe who created limited edition screen printed T-shirts inspired by a cause they believe in and that has impacted them personally.  The series is called "This Is What Matters to Me".

Illustrator and designer Gary Fernandez chose G.R.I.N. as his cause to support.  Gary's comments about G.R.I.N. and the galgos, "In my native country of Spain, the Spanish Greyhound, or Galgo, is a highly persecuted dog breed.  Considered second-class animals and unworthy pets, Galgos are primarily bred to hunt hares in the Spanish countryside.  During the hunting season, they are housed in damp, dirty holes and windowless shacks and are deprived of adequate daylight, nutrition and affection.  When the season ends, countless Galgos are abandoned or ruthlessly killed.  The Galgo Rescue International Network ( raises awareness of the Galgo's plight through international educational campaigns and helps connect Galgo shelters in Spain with animal lovers around the world.  Their goal is to help all mistreated, abandoned Galgos find a loving home."

40% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go directly back to G.R.I.N. to support galgos.

Click here to order your Kharma NYC limited edition T-shirt by Gary Fernandez and support the galgos!

Other artists include Non-Format, Mario Hugo, Keetra Dean Dixon and Gary Fernandez.  "We do good.  We don't put peace signs on everything we sell," says Kharma founder and creative director Kele Dobrinksi.  "We're designers, bloggers, creators, foodies, shitty skaters, urbanites, and maybe above all, consumers. So we sought to make consumption beautiful.  With each product we make, and each piece of ours that's purchased, you are benefiting a cause that's real and human."  The shirts are limited to 150 each, so move fast.