Letter from Greyhounds Rescue Holland to GRIN?

Dear GRIN Supporters, we thought we would like to share with you this email we just received from Greyhounds Rescue Holland.

Dear Mrs. Shaw, hello Telma,

We don�t know each other, yet we share the same mission; saving and protecting that poor galgo.  Although we haven�t met, thanks to our volunteer Vera in Malaga, I do know a lot about you and your organization G.R.I.N., � don�t worry: only good things.  We know that you are helping several Spanish volunteers in taking galgo's from the perrera's (killing stations), galgo's that later on will be given a chance to be adopted, e.g. by putting them on our adoption site.

In this way, unconsciously, G.R.I.N. and GRH are working together.

I would like to express my deepest respect and gratitude for all the good work you are doing!
If there's anything in any way we can help you with in the future, don�t hesitate to ask us.
Keep up the good work!

With kind regards, to you and all your volunteers,

Geert van Spronsen.
foundation Greyhounds Rescue Holland

Greyhound Rescue Holland