Donations Help - Lupino got the treatment he needed

Oct. 2010From: Beatriz Sanchez-Elvira of Association Argos (Sevilla)

Dear Telma,

How are you doing? It was very nice meeting you and Wally. I am only sorry we didn't have more time, but I hope we will have a new chance to meet in the future.

We have finally found the best way to spend the money you gave to Argos. Do you remember I told you about a lovely galgo that had filaria and we were waiting for his blood test results? His name is Lupino. The results came a couple of days ago and, unfortunately, they were still positive. So we will need to repeat the treatment with Inmiticide and, as you may know, that is a very expensive treatment. Just the injections (in a wholesaler) cost 150 euros!

So you see, in the end your donation will be used to help Lupino, a galgo... and since you are a Galgo-rescue-organization, that is a good option, isn't it.

I attach his blood tests (from the begining) so you see the evolution.

I also send you a couple of pictures of our lovely Lupino that is a beautiful male as you can see! In the second picture, he is with Chapa, a very pretty also but very shy female. Chapa is adopted and she will be going to Holland in two weeks... but Lupino will still need to wait until his blood tests are clean.

Many thanks for your help and support!



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